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on tour

- 2016

340 m/s festival solo Electro A & improv meeting / Lille . France

21/03 with Harald Kimmig & Olaf Tzschoppe E-Werk / Freiburg . Germany
22/03 with Harald Kimmig & Olaf Tzschoppe / Basel . Switzerland

01/04 with Cartouche ’Chronique culinaire’ order from Fondation Vuitton / Paris . France
03/05 creation with Aurélia Ivan Festival Extension MAC / Créteil . France
June creation with Colin Dunne CND / Pantin . France
23/09 creation .:Drum-Machines :. with Les Percussions de Strasbourg Festival Musica / Strasbourg . France

forthcoming releases

Doubse Hystérie

 • 2016

Doubse Hystérie

At the inception of this commissioned work offered to me by
"Intermèdes Géographiques" in 2011, I was looking for a meaning
and a relationship between my work as a composer and the specific
constraints of this project.
I selected six pieces from the nine initial ones in order to adapt
to the CD format and to a home listening.

6 tracks : CD edition
Monotypes Records

release in fall 2015

Bout de Souffle

Pavillon du Lac

 • 2016

Double LP
Performed in a double space.

Günter Müller iPod, Percussion, Electronics
Norbert Mosland - Cracked Everyday Electronics
Erikm - CD-J & Electronics

Final mixing and mastering by Norbert Moeslang
Artistic director : Frédérick Quennoz
Cover art / Daniela Grüninger
Production : Dolmen

release in 2016

Side 5
visual art news

Laboratoires de l’art

Collective exhibition
9/05/16 - 4/09/16
Musée des arts et métiers Paris . France
Deaf installation . Staccato
Vinyl fragments string quartet,
metallic cables. Mirror 8.00m
Ready Mudam

ibride project & news online

Zone Rouge

Zone Rouge is a Francois Martig & Emilie Roi’s project
Construction and sound installation.
May 2016 - 2018 close to Verdun . France
GPS 49.2008082 5.469798
The Zone Rouge (Red Zone) is a huge sound project. It is the name given to about 1,200 square kilometres (460 sq mi) of land in northeastern France that was physically and environmentally destroyed during the First World War. Because of hundreds of thousands of human and animal corpses and millions of unexploded ordnance that contaminated the land, some activities in the area such as housing, farming or forestry, were temporarily or permanently forbidden after the war by French law. Some towns were never permitted to be rebuilt....
Texte Fr
Sound Artist : Gilles Aubry . Steve Bates . Erikm . Jacob Kirkegaard
François Martig . Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag
Produced by MONO-MONO

Voyages Autocthone

July & August with Natacha Muslera
Création Radiophonique - Hörspiel
Programme Hors les Murs - L’Institut Français
Northern Quebec Territory . Canada



C.I.E Tsara

03/05 Creation Festival Extension MAC / Créteil . France
Theatre Research
Aurélia Ivan . Space conception
eRikm . Music and spatial sound

Pour le festival « Extension », la Muse en Circuit propose la rencontre inédite de deux créateurs d’univers différents, Aurelia Ivan et eRikm. Ensemble, ils ont accepté le défi d’une création éphémère.
C’est l’histoire d’une rencontre où la notion d’accident est centrale. L’accident portant en lui autant d’anomalies, de défauts, de défaillances, d’imprévus ou d’erreurs qui déplacent les mécanismes habituels de création et de représentation.

Production . C.I.E Tsara / La Muse en Circuit

Colin Dunne & eRikm

Création june 2016
CND / Pantin . France

Colin Dunne . Dance & choreography
eRikm . Music and spatial sound


eRikm & Les Percussions de Strasbourg
Mixed work for percussion and live electronics, 50 ’
2016 Creation Musica Festival, Strasbourg, FR
Composition and music production : eRikm
Employees : 4 percussionists and eRikm (electronic and acousmatic projection)
Video system (network camera) : Stéphane Cousot
Co Percussions de Strasbourg and Co-operative

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