Création on Air

Le territoire nous enseigne la nuit
Une création radiophonique de eRikm et Natacha Muslera
Réalisation : Gilles Mardirossian
Mixage : Bruno Mourlan
Création on Air
Par Irène Omélianenko
Broadcast 04.05.2017

Entre deux Tours

((OW-AO))#4 l Extracted from the performance
of April 27, 2017 at the Generator of Gentilly
with : Clara Cornil l Louise Leverd l ErikM


eRikm & Les Percussions de Strasbourg
Commissioned by Percussions de Strasbourg & GMEM
World premier : Oct 7th 2016 @ Musica festival, Strasbourg, FR
Joint work for percussion and electro live, 50 ‘
Production : Percussions de Strasbourg
Coproduction : Co opérative, GMEM, Musica,
Cité musicale - Metz. With the support of CNC / DICREAM.


Natacha Muslera & eRikm live at Akouphène Festival
Cave 12, Geneva Switzerland 26.11.2016

Radical dB

ErikM - Idiosyncrasie @ festival Radical dB 2016
Etopía Center for Art & Technologies, Zaragoza, Spain

Atelier du regard

Christoph Draeger / eRikm

En ligne
L’Atelier du regard est une émission en co-production
avec le FRAC PACA sur une proposition de Radio Grenouille.
Réalisation : par Emmanuel Moreira

Erikm & Martin Brandlmayr

Réalisation Vidéo et Design Sonore : Penny-Green-Shard
19/12/ 2015 // MONTÉVIDEO // MARSEILLE // France


eRikm - electroA live @ SIMULTAN 2015 / Talking to Strangers

Making of #1

DRUM-MACHINES / eRikm, (11.17mn)
Les Percussions de Strasbourg - eRikm -
Video of the artists in residence, sept. 2015.
Résidence de recherche / Septembre 2015 / Strasbourg, FR


International Festival Of Electroacoustic Art
06/07 February, 2015.
Karlheinz Essl (AT), eRikm (FR), Thomas Lehn (DE), Michael Ammann (DE), Markus Mattern (DE), Yiannis Tsirikoglou (GR)
Quadrophonia is an international festival for free improvisation, experimental surround sound and UKO (indefinable sound objects). Other features include electroacoustic sound synthesis, solo playing and interacting, research and experiment. It took place in 2009, 2012 and 2015 in Nuremberg - Germany.
Quadrophonia will combine 6-10 sound artists for two days, electro-acoustics, sound researchers, sound designers and musicians of different styles with their very own acoustic concepts. Each of the national and international artists has been working for years with the topic sound and has developed his individual acoustic language and tools. The festival is a forum of contemporary acoustic expressions and movements far beyond the aesthetic listening habits and breaks with specific categorizations of making music >>>

Electrain de Nuit


Diffusion de Draugalimur
Composition acousmatique
Temps : 17.50 mn
Electrain de Nuit par Christian Zanési et David Jisse
Réalisation : Alexandre Bazin
France musique / online & HZ

Des Aventures sonores


Des Aventures sonores par Christian Zanési et Bruno Letort
Realisation : Bruno Riou-Maillard
radio broadcast
France Musique / online & HZ

A l’occasion de la sortie des nouveaux GRM Tools et dans le cadre d’un déploiement de cette offre à un public plus large, l’Ina s’associe avec le Magazine Trax pour une soirée de lancement « GRM Tools by Trax » organisée le 16 décembre 2014 au Yoyo, nouveau lieu d’influence électro situé au cœur du Palais de Tokyo.

Edward Perraud (batterie, électronique)
MIMETIC (électronique)
ErikM (Electro_A)
Arnaud Rebotini / Christian Zanési (électronique analogique et numérique)
Jean-Benoit Dunckel

Electrain de Nuit


Portrait de eRikm - Troisième Partie
Electrain de Nuit par Christian Zanési et David Jisse
Réalisation : Alexandre Bazin
France musique / online & HZ


eRikm turntable & touch screen
live at oblò, Lausanne

Les mots ...


Les mots d’eRikm
Réalisation : Emmanuel Moreira et Céline Laurens
Radio grenouille / online & HZ

Pas la peine de crier


Pas la peine de crier par Marie Richeux
radio broadcast
France culture / online & HZ

Tapage nocturne

solo ElectroA radio broadcast
Tapage nocturne par Bruno Letort
France musique / online & HZ

L’Atelier du son

L’Atelier du son par Thomas Baumgartner
radio broadcast
France culture / online & HZ

eRikm With Ensemble Laborintus

Austral by eRikm
With Ensemble Laborintus
Instants Chaviré 2013
Hélène Breschand (harpe) - Sylvain Kassap (clarinettes)
Franck Masquelier (flûtes) - Anaïs Moreau (violoncelle)
Cesar-Carcopino (percussions)

Scories / Spirales

ERIKM, musician, visual artist
"SPIRAL DREGS" (2012, 34’35")

"Soundwise, we can digitally enter the dregs. What interests me is to penetrate the elements.”

The musician, turntablist and visual artist eRikm plays and improvises on the Instants chavirés stage. Interviewed by Jacqueline Caux, he talks about sounds, installations, dregs and vinyls, accidents and ecotones.

Courtesy of eRikm & Instants chavirés

Video by Alessandro Mercuri & Haijun Park
ParisLike n°2__2012

PARISLIKE is a magazine for artistic, literary, intellectual and scientific avant-gardes, featuring on the web video documentaries, interviews and critical essays in French and in English.

eRikm - Frédéric Blondy

La Semaine du Son 2012 - Concert eRikm - Frédéric Blondy - La Gaîté Lyrique - 2012

Paesaggi in vinile

Tempo Reale Festival 2011
PAESAGGI. Un mondo di suoni e parole


Expo m0n0 2010
espace multimedia gantner


Cartouche Live at Festival Nuits d’hiver 2010 Marseille France
eRikm : electronic
Natacha Muslera : voice
Image : Flavie Pinatel


eRikm -live excerpt//
Simultan festival 2009, Sinagoga din Cetate, Timisoara
Since 1992, eRikm has extended the field of artistic experimentation on the international scene.
He deals with sounds like living organisms, constantly in flux, always open to the risk of accident or delight/unisson. As he plays with all these contradictions in his improvisations, his performance reaches new heights of intensity, trading off both understanding and sensation, seriousness and farce, anticipation and instinct.

ErikM + FM Einheit

ERIKM + FM EINHEIT live at Festival PRÉSENCES électronique 2009 France

Erikm & Michel Doneda

Journées Electriques Festival 2009 GMEA ALBI .
Noctambule MJC Albi . France
video capture by : Chrystel Rostaing

eRikm & DJ Sniff

Turntable duo

STEIM Micro Jamboree Concert 1
Turntable Music Night 5 at Smart Project Space
Dec. 10, 2008

No Still

Adeptus Mechanicus rework
Vidéo by Billy Roisz
Sound by Dieb13 & eRikm
The source for the pictures and sounds in NOT STILL is a vinyl record. Initially, a sample dominates : the scratching of a record player needle in an endless loop. While the viewer remains stuck in the hypnotic soundtrack from electronic musicians dieb13 and eRikm, video artist Billy Roisz shifts massively enlarged photos of spinning record grooves from the dark into the picture. Roisz uses various types of cameras, including a coarse-grained microscope camera to “illuminate” the record (often declared dead) by truly forcing her way inside it.


erikm / Catherine Jauniaux

Live in Festival Musiques Innovatrices 2008

Luc Ferrari & eRikm

Les ProtoRythmiques 2005
extract of the documentary.
Portrait d’un Réaliste abstrait
by Hideyuki Miyaoka
Product by Studio Malaparte ©2005


VOORUIT festival POIRE_Z Gent . Belgium 2002
poire_z (pronounced "pwar-zed") was an electronic free improvisation music group formed in 1998, † 2002. The group’s members all have long careers in improvised music ; critic Fred Grand of Avant calls poire_z a "post-AMM supergroup."
Gunter Muller : percussion, effects
Erikm : 3K-PAD∞System
Andy Guhl and Norbert Möslang (who recorded as Voice Crack) on homemade electronics.
At a music festival at Nantes, France in 1998, percussionist Gunter Muller and turntablist Erikm were scheduled to perform as a duo. The same festival featured a performance by duo Voice Crack. The four musicians made an unscheduled collaboration, and afterwards formed a semi-regular quartet.
They recorded several albums and made a number of live appearances before disbanding. poire_z often invited a fifth musician as a guest : Keith Rowe, Phil Minton, Christian Marclay, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M and others performed or recorded with the core quartet.
As with much free improvisation, poire_z’s music is generally focused more on a group sound, and given the musicians’ unorthodox approach to their instruments, it’s often difficult to discern who is generating any individual sound. Aside from glimpses of Muller’s occasionally unprocessed percussion, their music is nearly all electronic blips, clicks and droning like a shortwave radio tuned in to an extraterrestrial broadcast ; critic Ed Howard described the group’s music as "all whir and purr and throb, the soldered electronic exclamations of the Voice Crack duo spurting around the steady rhythmic drive of Muller and eRikm ... a dense cycling drone with harsh electronic interjections skipping over the top."[4] One piece is described as "delicate tones, crackles and light bubbling sounds, resting and intermingling with characteristic weightlessness, only occasionally being interrupted by glimpses of harsher textures."[5]
Voice Crack formally disbanded in about 2004, and poire_z have not recorded or performed since.

DJ trio

DJ Trio : Christian Marclay, DJ Olive, ErikM
extract : Record Player, by Luc Peter 2000
Belle Journée Productions

djTRIO is a rotating trio founded by Christian Marclay in 1996 to showcase the talent of some of the world’s best avant-garde turntablists. Rooted in the context of free-improvisation, Marclay’s latest musical project continues pushing forward the definition of what deejaying is. The new CD features four of the most forward thinking turntablists of the new music scene : Toshio Kajiwara, ErikM., DJ Olive and Marina Rosenfeld. djTRIO features the deejay as an instrumentalist working collectively in a group instead of performing as a soloist. Over the course of the past seven years djTRIO has also included Otomo Yoshihide, Pita, and Tom Recchion, among others.

The follow-up to Marclay’s 2000 collaboration with Otomo Yoshihide, Moving Parts (Asphodel) djTRIO continues to demonstrate that a lot more can be done with turntables than just scratch beats. The new CD was compiled by Marclay from live recordings of numerous performances at museums and clubs in the US, France, Switzerland, and Portugal.


Heteradelphe 1999
Chorégraphe et performer : Christoph Shütz
Mise en scène, décors et musique : Erikm

Documentaire réalisé par Baptiste Bessette
Coproduction Officina/GRIM
"Télescopage de deux extrémités d’un même univers à une vitesse et stabilité variable. Une création associant deux univers à priori éloignés comme le sont celui de Erik M, orfêvre dans l’art du couper/coller live de la matière sonore et celui du danseur Christophe Shütz, acteur à ses heures entre la France et l’Allemagne."

Erikm . Leerlauf

Biennale dei giovani Artisti dell’Europa e del mediterraneo Torino Italia 1997
picture Rai tv.

eRikm ADF

L’art de la fuite, Tape 1995

erikm ADF

Art de la Fuite , Jazz à Mulhouse France 1995

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