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Fata Morgana

jeudi 18 février 2021, par erikm

ErikM & Ensemble Dedalus

CD edition at Relative Pitch Records
Summer 2022

The project consists in making audible all the spectra of sound, including those outside the field of human auditory perception, and then transposing them into notes in order to produce scores. The musicians will be immersed in the listening experience via headphones, in order to paraphrase (biomimicry) other sounds of cetaceans or bats. The circulation of original sound materials to the instrumental ensemble creates contamination between the performers, producing a « Fata Morgana » metaphorical effect.
LINKs serie 5-6

Erikm : composition & electronics / field recording
Didier Aschour : guitar
Amélie Berson : flute
Thierry Madiot : trombone
Christian Pruvost : trumpet
Silvia Tarozzi : violin
Deborah Walker : cello
Herve Glotin Lsis Umr Cnrs : data
Maxence Mercier : video animation
Stephane Cousot . Virgile Abela . Camille Lesez : RIM developer
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