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dimanche 7 janvier 2024, par erikm

Unpublished sound objects by Pierre Henry / Reload and original composition by ErikM

The project
Bidule 2.0 is organized in two parts, the first being an acousmatic composition for a minimum of 8 loudspeakers and the second an electronic live performance, two practices that characterize ErikM’s work.
In the acousmatic version, these two approaches will consist solely of unused original sounds by Pierre Henry. In the live electronics version, other unpublished sounds by Pierre Henry will be mixed with ErikM’s sound materials.
2 X 25 minutes Total : 50 minutes
02.11.24 Creation @ Presences Electronique Festival / Paris . France

CNCM/La Muse en Circuit, Alfortville
Co-production and distribution
INA/GRM Paris, CNCM/GMEM, Marseille