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jeudi 8 décembre 2011, par erikm

eRikm & Michel Doneda

Razine by Erikm and Michel Doneda
At the very beginning of the year 1900, Velimir Khlebnikov is
listening to the new century on the banks of the Caspian Sea. In the
gyrations of the Dervishes he conceives his Futurian equations.
He creates the coming models of "modern" art. He is the first to write
poems from mathematical series and in the form of the palindrome.
Fourty years later this will become the system behind twelve-tone
Velimir spreads his writings in different points in space,
materialising the cut-up technique. He creates ZAOUM, his transreason
language which speaks of the Unconscious mind before its revelation
by Freud. Later, well after his death, he would influence surrealists
and lettrists.
And to us improvisers he has given RAZINE, the wild horseman of sound.
This very recording recounts how the ride went that evening : sliding,
breaking of rhythmical lines, sudden transformations, textures, and
who knows, maybe the listener will hear the ring of the "Trumpet of
the Martians", the one that Khlebnikov caught through his utopian poetry.
Michel Doneda 2011