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vendredi 30 avril 2004, par erikm

Luc Ferrari & erikm

Winner of the « In memoriam » award of the « Académie Charles Cros » 2005, "Archives sauvées des Eaux" represents the encounter between a pioneer of concrete music, who died of late, and a live sound’s manipulator. In the last six years, Luc Ferrari worked on a series of compositions to explore, in every direction, the totality of the concepts he experimented since the beginning of his work in the middle 50’s and this CD is a great evidence of those. The idea raised as some water damaged a collection of magnetic tapes, where works from the 70’s were recorded. The author decided to compose using what has been saved and proposed to eRikm to participate to a re-building project in Milan. The guest artist, live sampling Ferrari’s material and playing his own sounds, changed the original creations giving life to a new touching opera. The album, produced by Carla Chiti and Nicola Guiducci, is the live recording of the performance without any post-production.>>>
(Grand Prix 2005 Charles Cros In Memoriam)