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mardi 4 juin 2019, par erikm

Erikm & Anthony Pateras
Lp 2 tracks > Orbitale & Nyctalope
Erikm : CD-J & Idiosyncrasy system
Anthony Pateras : Synthesizers & échantillonneurs

Fresh on the CCAM Editions-label is "Albedo", the new collaborative two track album effort created by the artist pairing of Erik M and Anthony Pateras who joined forces on two different occasions in fall of 2017 and early 2018 respectively to record this one. With "Orbitale" the duo starts on a piercing, yet calm sinewave resembling Ambient note, introducing all kinds of modular glitches and disturbances over the course of the compositions approx. 18 minutes runtime, presenting a thrilling take on intense, captivating modular-influenced music going through different compositional phases, even embarking into Noize and total chaos at times before shifting further towards a well retro-futurist scifi approach and way beyond, even touching grounds on highly experimental Techno territories. Furthermore "Nyctalope", the second composition on "Albedo", brings forth a more digital, noisier touch within the duos work, at first relying on droning swells, seemingly field recorded water hitting a coast line, Max/MSP-reminiscent glitches and comforting chord drones alongside and accompanied by brooding, well unsettling frequency shifts and an immanent touch of looming darkness which holds this piece together even after the focus switches towards digital minimalism and chaotic eruptions and makes it stand out as our favorite cut of the two featured on this album.