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mercredi 6 janvier 2010, par erikm

Boxing Helmet, sensors, electronic device

Inserted into fighting helmets, eye sockets connected to electronic sensors broadcast a high pressure acoustic frequency. The system is inspired by a new type of despotic weapon conceived to maintain order :
reference to the acoustic bombers used during war time to upset nerves, to the hyper-frequency device that causes trouble and sickness used by the G-20 to prevent insurrection, or to the “Beethoven”, those ultrasounds audible only by teenagers and used in Great Britain to keep squatters away from building halls.
The device invites us to enter a fracture of the repressive system, constricted in between two isolating walls, in between two bowed heads, in between two tonsils : encephalon nucleus keeping signs of our fears.
The art piece takes place in the infra-thin chink of an oppressed freedom, where the fight against pressure and social control in power is questioned.