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dimanche 27 juillet 2008, par erikm

Views from the workshop of a series of samplings of concrete objects, which
I have collected over the past years from around the world. Beyond the surface, I seek a poetic
dialectic between the object and my approach to sound samplings.
The purely technical dimension of some objects, such as tin, piezo diode, will also be integrated into this exploration.

Pierre Henry’s concrete paintings have always left me doubtful, but nevertheless resonate with this work.
Additionally, I am also developing sound diffusion techniques for certain of these assemblages."

Top-Luberon - Ginko-Palace-Kyoto - Madera a la deriva-Caleta Yungay - Oeuf-de-Zebu
Collet-Adrar Ndern - Posidonie - Glaðheimar-Lichen - Chaine de L’etoile - Collet - Cevennes