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dimanche 13 avril 2003, par erikm

Soundless installation, 800cm

Broken disks, stuck fragments, fractions doubled by a mirror, Staccato scans the space with a sound mass of dull rumbles. 888 vinyls for string instruments : it is the idea of a closed loop, blowing up into atoms remixed around a tight cable, reflecting the trajectory of a silent graphic wave.
Like an altar set for the sacrifice of “memory”, the piece plays with the object’s physical and symbolic properties : the vinyl, recording medium of a language both universal and specific, fetishistic icon of a “Barclay” generation, is also this relic from a time passed onto the scrap heap, the waste from mass production.
Staccato sculpts the section of a cultural inheritance, weakened and recycled.

This piece to integrate the permanent collection of Mudam 2004