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mardi 2 décembre 2014, par erikm

eRikm & Martin Brandlmayr

eRikm : CD-j & Electronics
Martin Brandlmayr : Drums
6 tracks : CD edition

Opening with an Apocalypse — a dis-covering where everything is assembled anew, where a snare drum gets dismembered. The drums instantly reanimate into a new body without organs, opening a breach, opening a space. The drummer lifts his sticks and hits ; a vertical landscape emerges inbetween, unidentified as it first breaks into the ears, as some atmospheric depression : variations in grain, tracing, electronic mass — disparate energy where some new chemistry arises, all between skin and memory. Each impact, each collapsing, each crumbling of the surface sets anew the fiction of the encounter, of the game ; devoid of catharsis, but definitely vital.