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lundi 10 avril 2017, par erikm

Morphogenesis of being
Ensemble Phoenix Basel
ErikM 2017

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Particles is a mixed media work for two sets of instruments (ensembles) and electronics.
It is based on a video score inspired by a panoramic photograph taken in Camargue, in the winter of 2016.
The idea for the setup and the asymmetrical orchestral performance came to me while I was hiding in the reeds to do some birdwatching. On the water’s surface, I saw the reflection of semi-submerged plants that created geometric shapes and complex movements.
The superimposition of the states of these plants split into two, between the static upper part above the water and its iridescent reflection on the surface, form an interconnected system and present a quantum state in which both are dependent on each other, in that moment.
The transposition of this quantum entanglement to two instrumental ensembles playing the same score creates timbral polarizations, "Klangfarbenmelodie."
The plants that are above the water, along with their slightly modified reflections, are transposed to both ensembles, which simultaneously interpret the shapes musically in terms of tempo, pitch and intensity, in two physically different spaces.
These two ensembles must be equal in terms of size and string section. However the piece remains open, and can therefore be performed by heterogeneous ensembles or groups. As for the audience members, they are encouraged to sit between the two ensembles.
The piece premiered on June 11, 2017 as part of a commission from the Ensemble Phoenix Basel. The first sound recording to accompany the video score was a superimposition of two performances by the same ensemble in an identical space, 24 hours apart.
Erikm 2017
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