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dimanche 6 juin 2010, par erikm


With this piece, I have been working with the sound material of Western cinema, after its multiple supports : optical film sound, video tapes, dvd and also with sounds that I recorded in cinemas during projections.
Originally, my interest in this « process-handling » is the very relation to listening to the motion picture sounds, its clichés, tensions, loosening, sound effects, and the emotional palettes coming out. In the meantime, Lux echoes a reflexion about the process of identification to such actors or groups of population, including a potentially schizophrenic relation over these projections (Hallucinations).
My desire, on this occasion, was to support the emergence of psychic images so that the listener would seize different elements to create his own decorations, lights, landscapes. Via this range of acoustic suggestions, the listener would let him be led to the centre of his own interpretations.
The first empirical phase of creation originated in an intuitive selection of musics, sound effects, and audience reactions. Gradually, as a meaningful “colour” arose from these sound images, the layout of comments released a social criticism, through the prism of popular cinema. 2007