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Mal des Ardents / Pantonéon

lundi 18 février 2013, par erikm

Catherine Jauniaux : Voice . bird call . cupule . cazoo ..
eRikm : Turntables + Electronics & live sampling + architect lamp
Double CD’s
Mal des Ardents / Pantonéon

Mal des Ardents - recorded in 2010
Pantonéon - registered Taktlos festival in 2000

eRikm & Catherine Jauniaux : the turntables of improvisation…
Captured. From the first second of their show the public hangs on the Catherine Jauniaux’s voice , is hypnotised by the extraordinary antics of ErikM at his turntables.
No hold barred , they are in a kind of insatiable creative transe. A pure and very deep-rooted improvisation, a journey into the soul where all states can be experienced.
Catherine Jauniaux journies through her extensive vocal range and wends and weaves all feelings with disconcerting ease, erikM creates a surprise at every turn. Poetic and ardent music, deeply human . The constant pleasure of playing with the musicality of words and the fabulous ressources of the body. Erik follows, surrounds, initiates, anticipates or concludes the vocal propositions with equally inventive virtuosity .Vertiginous !
Anne Montaron