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vendredi 9 décembre 2011, par erikm

eRikm & Luc Ferrari

When the sun set on April 1st 2011 I heard through the windows of my house
the repetitive song of a night bird. « Madeleine » brought me immediately back
to Luc Ferrari’s electroacoustic piece « Presque Rien N° 2 ».
I became curious about comparing the bird that was officiating in the garden
of Cap15 (in the North area of Marseille) with the bird of « Presque Rien ».
My curiosity triggered the desire to play Luc’s piece in the acoustic space
of my house. With my rudimentary recorder I moved inside and outside the
house moving back and forth between both spaces. I played with the depth of
field, the beat between these two birds separated by 34 years and immersed
myself in these acoustic events.
« …Alors je suis cerné à mon tour et, pourrais-je dire, pénétré en échange. »
(Thus I am surrounded on my turn and imbued in return.)
This Ursprung or temporal Klein bottle was recorded and edited
in one single sequence shot.