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mardi 2 février 1999, par erikm


zygosis, which is his first fulltime recording, starts with a witty beat track mixing high-pitched shakespeare monologues over syncopated jazz loops, and quickly convinces you that the deconstruction of stolen sound material (sourced from cabaret, orchestral music, rock, poetry...) may grow into something utterly personal and unique - most extraordinary examples are tracks 3, 4 & 6. after this tour-de-force, the listener is allowed a short break, while the cd-player skipps through the almost empty regions of track 9 - 22 (microscopic shards of static, lasting only for a few seconds each). those are quickly followed by a very powerful and dramatic piece (agora) that bears an almost recognizable song structure. the cd ends rather quietly with three unsymetrical ambient pieces followed by a short and funny epilogue. there’s nothing more to add, except that ’zygosis’ is probably one of the most brilliant achievements in musical ’piratage’ so far, and first of all - regardless to it’s historical relevance - it’s simply beautyful !