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Pavlova 3’23

lundi 16 novembre 2009, par erikm

Dance creation
duration : 1h00

choreographer by Mathilde Monnier
musical segment by Heiner Goebbels, eRikm,
Rodolphe Burger, Gilles Sivilotto
mixed by Olivier Renouf
lumière Eric Wurtz
scénographie Annie Tolleter
dancer Cecilia Bengolea, Julia Cima, Yoan Demichelis, Julien Gallée-Ferré,
Corinne Garcia, Thiago Silva Granato, Olivier Normand, I-Fang Lin,
Rachid Sayet

Pavlova 3’23’’ refers to the mythical solo created in 1907 by Fokine for the
great dancer Anna Pavlova. Mathilde Monnier takes a keen look again at
this Dying Swanwith a group of ten performers, sketching the contours of
an art of persistence by renewing dance and gesture as a force and a call
and a vivid memory.

photo © marc coudrais
video online