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DJ trio

vendredi 22 novembre 2013, par erikm

DJ Trio : Christian Marclay, DJ Olive, ErikM
extract : Record Player, by Luc Peter 2000
Belle Journée Productions

djTRIO is a rotating trio founded by Christian Marclay in 1996 to showcase the talent of some of the world’s best avant-garde turntablists. Rooted in the context of free-improvisation, Marclay’s latest musical project continues pushing forward the definition of what deejaying is. The new CD features four of the most forward thinking turntablists of the new music scene : Toshio Kajiwara, ErikM., DJ Olive and Marina Rosenfeld. djTRIO features the deejay as an instrumentalist working collectively in a group instead of performing as a soloist. Over the course of the past seven years djTRIO has also included Otomo Yoshihide, Pita, and Tom Recchion, among others.

The follow-up to Marclay’s 2000 collaboration with Otomo Yoshihide, Moving Parts (Asphodel) djTRIO continues to demonstrate that a lot more can be done with turntables than just scratch beats. The new CD was compiled by Marclay from live recordings of numerous performances at museums and clubs in the US, France, Switzerland, and Portugal.