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video • 2011

Video : eRikm
Music : Ground Zero
commissioned by Institut Tokyo
80 minutes pour le Japon
Tokyo . Japan


86 164,1s

video • 2011

1 mn project : video 01
86 164,1 second
Florencia . Italia



video • 2009

Sound, Memory and Flesh

Austral is a mixed work (electronic and video) for ensemble, originally composed for "Laborintus" (contemporary ensemble). 
This creation was previously imagined in its opening to be re-interpreted by other musical aesthetics. 

Austral is a pretext, a vector. 

My main interest is to deal directly with the sounds, music, and "noises" produced by musicians : the specific archetypes of their own training (amateur or professional). 

This piece calls an individual memory, just as a collective memory. 

My visual and musical work is based on a pre-existing object and its supports (vinyl, cd, tape, Hertz ...) or on a process of generation -and degeneration- of a sound or visual object (body). Austral gives me an access to memory and its biological artifacts, still privileging an exchange relationship with individuals. 

Austral will revolve around the sequences of a video and electronic composition, showing a series of landscapes and cityscapes collected during a trip through the Argentine and Chilean borders, in 2009. 

The final composition will be achieved according to the trends and the potential of the group that would have gone through collective improvisations.



Mirrors never sleep

video • 2009

Video installation on a small screen.
image by eRikm
inspired by a vocal piece
of Natacha Musléra



video • 2008

Video • 2008
Concept : eRikm
Extract : 02.09mn
Original time : 40.52mn

Order of creation / Theme ::The transparent body ::
Project commissionned by Théâtre le Merlan scène nationale Marseille and APHM Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Marseille
the video one follows is trailer !!

Généresense Soustractive

videomultimedia • 2008

Extract : 58.00 S.
original time : 07.50 m
Projected onto a specific screen
concept and music by eRikm
programming Stéphane Cousot

Accumulation and repetition of a complex variable image -
This features several states of subtractive synthesis of the image
source, which were then reorganized and composed.
The work on images involves the same processes that I have developed with sound. I use very short fragments of visual or sound material (video or photographs) that I explore digitally with a relationship of disincarnation, fragmentation and generational synthesis of one or several elements.


video • 2008

Blind Video • 2008
Concept : eRikm
Extract : 00.48mn
Original time : 32.32mn

Something roars. Is it the MGM Lion or St Jerome’s I see, translating the sound automatically, almost unthinkingly into image ? For I feel a need to see the sound, frame it in some way. The sound is in hiding, half-concealed, a beast in the jungle and this makes me nervous. Sound anticipates a danger or desire, it announces something to see, and yet at the same time exceeds what is eventually revealed to the eye. Voices lost in space, what have they seen. Or rather what have I heard in the voices, trapped in the asthmatic hiss of radio waves ? Somewhere over the rainbow. Which is to say, beyond the visible spectrum. The song overleaps what it can envisage. There’s a land that I dreamed of once in a lullaby. We are returned to sound as the materiality of loss, but one that cannot be localized. In space no one can hear you scream. In time no one will know the scream was yours. Blow out. Listening to ‘Lux Payllettes’ I imagine eRikm like a negative of Jack Terry in De Palma’s film, looking not for the ‘right’ sound, but to interrogate sound’s uneasy place in a battle of rights. What follows is a schizoid balade, a deftly orchestrated, sometimes hysterical melodrama of sounds on the run in search of an unfettered spatio-temporal continuum in the sun and a privileged view of the nothing new. Eternity, or just sea and sky and a skipping CD ?


from scratch

video • 2007

time : 5.00mn
image and music by eRikm
Osaka-Kyoto trip

SECTION Visual Art_ video_ perform_ object_ installation_ multimedia_ sculpture_ drawing & graphism _
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