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mardi 27 octobre 2009, par erikm

Sound, Memory and Flesh

Austral is a mixed work (electronic and video) for ensemble, originally composed for "Laborintus" (contemporary ensemble). 
This creation was previously imagined in its opening to be re-interpreted by other musical aesthetics. 

Austral is a pretext, a vector. 

My main interest is to deal directly with the sounds, music, and "noises" produced by musicians : the specific archetypes of their own training (amateur or professional). 

This piece calls an individual memory, just as a collective memory. 

My visual and musical work is based on a pre-existing object and its supports (vinyl, cd, tape, Hertz ...) or on a process of generation -and degeneration- of a sound or visual object (body). Austral gives me an access to memory and its biological artifacts, still privileging an exchange relationship with individuals. 

Austral will revolve around the sequences of a video and electronic composition, showing a series of landscapes and cityscapes collected during a trip through the Argentine and Chilean borders, in 2009. 

The final composition will be achieved according to the trends and the potential of the group that would have gone through collective improvisations.