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samedi 6 janvier 2007, par erikm

Video installation, Quadris-phonie

From a picture of him taken on the Web, eRikm shatters himself to be reincarnated into time and space decentered zones. The original picture, sifted through the ASCII code (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), turns into a series of numbers.
Read by a digital voice, it turns into a sound poem spread from the center of the acoustic space. Then injected in a Doppler, the series is randomly read again, and finally resets the original portrait in the video virtual space.
Through this boomerang system, the installation expresses this ubiquity relation to the art piece : the gift of being here and there at the same time, symptom of an “X” generation called “digital migrants”.

// “X’ generation refers to those who were born between the 60’s and the 80’s, stuck in between two times. X for anonymous and nomad, like this generation conscious of its burst.
A generation of “digital migrants”, caught between the last analogical reflexes and the adaptation to the new technology evolutions.