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mercredi 6 janvier 2010, par erikm

Installation, cut and print cardboard, steel frame, variable dimensions

The area of technical reproducibility opens a way to a sacralised relation to the art piece and its mass consumption.
Disincarnation of an alleged original “aura” of the “master-work” in the industrial serialisation of its artefacts. Here, puzzles of master pieces are broken up to their very pieces, and lined up according to the reading order and reset on empty metallic frames.
Stocking of fragmentary data of a passed history devoted to art, the slices recall the graphic bars compacted into hard disks, getting rid of its obsolete memories as time goes by. The rhythmic formulas cut the space into virtual continuums, as a kind of digital landscape to monochrome variations.
From a certain point of view, a visual frontier appears, creating an irisation effect sometimes interrupted by the possibility to pass in between the lines.