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lundi 24 juillet 2006, par erikm

video time : 04.44mn
film action version 50.00mn
filmmaker : Gaelle Rouart Etienne Caire
music : eRikm

The handset receiver are black and oozing :
"Where did I thus fall ? "" In an inn where everyone is killed ! "
LEVOX it is the deployment of the panoply of the stereotypes of the history of the cinema.
Its sentimental exhibitions, its fatal demonstrations, the euphoria of a burst of speed, its narrative anorexias, behind closed doors or in great spaces, it is indeed the extensive use of a finished number
of images and sounds.
Who cares under these conditions that the actors are more or less good or that their play is constipated ?
"that at least is cinema ! "
that : power of Babylon, top spin by two barkers "pompier" style whose watchword could be : "one can bring its (food) to eat !"

From sound and visual found footage worked again - frame by frame - (All the images are opticaly printed, processed, tortured in the workshop MTK),we confront these elements in a game of improvisation (we intervene on all the dimensions of the process of projection : masking, overprint, variation of the luminous intensity, the speed of scrolling of the film, the size( of the frame of the image, synchronous sound or not) in a way to develop a suspense, a film archetype if there is, in the form of abstract tension, of story for the eye, with its variations of movements and its apocalyptic skids in hyperscope .