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Simulacres set

jeudi 3 décembre 2009, par erikm

video installation ∞ 2009
Concept : eRikm
Extract 30 seconds
commissioned by les instants video

video 1 : FRAGS / video 2 : HOPIS / video 3 : PARTS
video 1 : RED / video 2 : GREEN / video 3 : BLUE
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"Simulacres Série" consists in accumulating moving light and layering sounds, music, and sounds, sometimes simultaneously.
Each of the 3 videos - "FRAGS", "HOPIS", "PARTS" - takes up an original movie : 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance (M. Haneke, 1995), Koyaanisqatsi : Life Out of Balance (G. Reggio, 1982), The Elementary Particles (O. Roehler, 2006).
These movies were chosen from their subjects - fragmentation, time, chance, accident- but also from their formal characteristics : colorimetry, acoustics...

From image-motion to light / from sound film to white noise,
The recomposition of this matrix, manipulated through the technological prism, veils a set of veils that can only veil other veils.
The videos from "Simulacres Série" can be presented on their own, or as an installation (triptych).

Support of DICREAM

the video one follows is small documentary ! !