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vendredi 3 octobre 2008, par erikm

Sound installation
music & Light
Commission by Happy New Ears Festival
Kortrijk . Belgium

The first time I entered this tunnel intending to create 2 sound pieces, almost immediatly, Hieronymus Bosch’s
painting came to my mind, mostly with the second panel of his series « visions of after life », Ascent of the blessed.

At this very moment, a car passed by with extremely loud speakers and made the space resound with heroic Metal music.
The Metal music and its related social and cultural codes, partly rooted in religious worlds, have always been funny
to me (Judgement day, and so on).
Certain elements from NDE accounts (Near Death Experience) are perceptible in this tunnel :

• The passage from one space to another
• the light
• The shifting colours of the architecture
• The meetings
• The spiral

In this transcient space, I felt like working for the citizens who are used to walk through this tunnel
as they are significantly exposed to the same noise pollution that, alas, also exists in so many public places.

Music : erikm
Voice : Wendy van Wynsberghe & An Mertens